The Library


It has now been almost 2 months of volunteering at my local library. I love books, but haven’t started reading again until recently. Only just a few months before going to volunteer at the library.

I enjoyed it from day one, I worked alone for the first part then with the lovely lady I get to learn from and watch her do something so special in the library. Watch her interact with kids and bring such love and care into what she does. We cut out crafts for the kids for her next story time. I felt really drawn to her. I love learning from her. She puts such care and love into all those kids who come into the library, remembering their names and even some of the books they have read or what they like to read. But it’s the whole team all 4 of the full time librarians that make the place so open and friendly, who make you feel so welcome and actually invest in you and who you are. Who care and make a difference in people’s lives.

I’ve grown to have such a respect for the library and all librarians. It’s not the easiest job. But, it is an admirable one at that. It’s not just a place full of old, dusty books. It’s so much more. I feel as if it’s an open door to explore the world and beyond that it’s a place of getting together and working towards a closer community. To come together and help each other, to offer something to the community, to give to people, to share with others.

I’m not only talking about books doing that, although it is  a huge part of it. It’s the people that really make up the library that I volunteer at. I thought it would be nice to just be with books and by myself in a nice quiet library where nobody talks. I’m an introvert who sometimes freaks out about talking to people and struggling to find words to say or even know what to say. Oh but how I am so happy to be mostly mistaken. I still have a lot of times where it’s nice alone time, but it’s alone time in a friendly, loving place. I found that out more and more every time I have gone there.

I know God had wanted me there for a reason, but I didn’t expect to be so immeasurably blessed by working(volunteering) there. I thought I would be just helping out and getting out of the house for awhile. I didn’t know I would be blessed with getting to know such wonderful and kind people. I get to know some of the kids that come in even if only for a brief period I get to talk to them. I grow fond of the kids. One gets to encourage them, even if it’s only saying that they have lovely writing or some nice word. I love being around the people, it seems like all the people who come into the library are so friendly and kind. I find myself praying a lot at the library or praying for people who either came in or who work there. I find myself thinking so much about others there and there needs. My heart goes out to so many people. It’s amazing. Sometimes I feel such sadness and grief for people I’ve only met once or didn’t even meet just seeing what kind of books they are placing on hold to check out. I feel for people. I feel so moved by God in that place. I feel HIm with me. Working besides me.  Even if i didn’t talk to anybody or pray for people. I still feel Him with me. I still feel Him in the atmosphere.

I feel moved by placing the books on hold, I can’t explain it. I care so much about people I don’t know nor what they look like. I feel led to pray so often for the people. I never thought the library would be the place I would feel so deeply for people. That I would feel God with me so much. That I would get to talk to so many wonderful kids and some people. That I would learn so much from watching the lovely lady that is in charge of the kid’s section of the library. I feel so blessed that God has placed me there and is showing me what it means to feel for others and showing me His compassion. The place where I know He is in my heart. I love feeling HIm and being moved by Him for some people. I know He is with me and it’s something I cherish. I love every time I go, God is a good God and I know he will use me and has used me in that place. I love knowing that He is a big God, who is more than enough to use me. I want to bless others, I want to give to others. I know He is big enough to use me to do just that. 🙂


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